Monday, August 4, 2014

@TheTipper We're here, because you were here. Approach! ;)

Yes it's a free market system we live in. However, We thank those who supported The Tipper during the tough times and there were, are tough times.

It's True. We're here, because you were here.

Major news paper no need for reviews on us, not that we wouldn't do well, or poorly.. just not interested in false growth. We opened in 2008 and had a extremely tough time until the end of 2012 & proud to say we earned being open serving the Community. The first few years we could have used the boost, and Now other FANTASTIC eateries need it more than we do. Please use your written words wisely and help em out with the attention, they will still have to do their part and earn loyalty.

This goes for foodies on the aslo, if you love food, vs love to eat and blog, know the effort that goes into the process daily. You & Your words count and can help good quiet places grow. Love the food & the efforts :)



Liquids & Solids

Thank You lil' restaurant!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

@TheTipper 's Holiday Hours 

Saturday   Aug 2 8am - 10pm
Sunday     Aug 3 8am - 9pm
Monday   Aug 4 9am -9pm

enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Super happy to be here... ;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

#eastvan local artist is in the City

Another Local Band

 Kitty in the City

Kitty in the City

Uke Pop meets, Island music meets LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! XOXOX

More #YVR #EastVan art

More #YVR art

How to Contact Colin Shandler

Colin Shandler OP Holdings (No.1) Inc. Doing business as The Tipper, the Restaurant Staff, Customers and Groups who choose to book at the Restaurant - Do Not Represent My Personal Views, Communication etc. 

Respectfully Ask That the Restaurant, its Staff, Customers, Groups, Neighbours & Business who do Business with the Tipper & Myself.  Be Sent a Request in WRITING before being Contacted by any Media Groups & Treated with the up-most Respect. 

If you wish to contact me to Book a one on one conversation please send an

e-mail to 

  • There isn't a $25,000.00 meal that has to be purchased to do so, allocate those funds to a local charity who needs it. and if a gift is given to the MS society, local food bank, East Side Support group I will Guarantee you receive a High Five. 
  • Happy to respond to all in the order e-mails come in. 
  • Please Include a Phone Number if you wish to Chat in Person
  • unlikely to do phone interviews for Radio at this time, so save your time.
  • If you are a Formal Media Group who my Twitter account followed.
    • To qualify: Include the date your Media Group, or Personal account was followed in your e-mail... 

Update & Reminder: 

"Standing" for the People of Vancouver as an Independent Candidate for Mayor in November - use the  word "Standing" vs. "Running, or Challenging, or Campaigning".  


Intention is to Provide Hope to the People of Vancouver by Communicating that the City has another option for Leadership in November

via Twitter May 16:
Platform Objective #1: transparent media coverage of Civic Politics with a level playing field.

Not a Politician, or here to entertain anyone, this is a serious adventure, Not Campaigning, or attempting to interfere, hinder, disrespect the The City of Vancouver, or Current City Council. It's a tough Job, and they Need the Space. the opportunity to Shine, to do the Right Thing for the People of Vancouver, to Check them selves, the "canons" and correct their behaviours, & discrepancies, communicate the corrections etc.

Communicating the Corrections to the People of Vancouver is KEY.  (to clarify: this line is directed to the groups of people (s) within an agency, government, business, association, and or the media who have verbally communicated progressive changes with their internal approach, conduct or direction.) In short they told me they have changed and we have yet to see it.

I invite everyone around me to do their best while keeping consistent with a code of ethics in current roles, hobbies, passions etc. This will include the Elected Council on Behalf of the City, and People of Vancouver. 

Yes, I have a history, own my past & present, learn from my mistakes, DO NOT celebrate any personal achievements. I must earn every day! Earn it!   

The Citizens of Vancouver are Smart, More Informed, Eager To Vote, can not be Quantified by Social or Mainstream Media, Not Going Away, & nor am I  

These are my Words..

Colin Shandler
"Got Your Back Vancouver"

Get out and Vote.
Democracy is Simple, if you can use a mouse to click, You can Vote.

Vancouver Charter

ps. write the way I write is for me... so I can remember & Identify my words... as the team builds and it is building... loaded with several people who hold punctuation, spelling, grammar and the art of written communication to the highest standards, along with caring for the City we love to live in. But for now it's me. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

 Alexis Young Design

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Vancouver, Canada
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72 reviews 72 reviews
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14 helpful votes 14 helpful votes
3 of 5 starsReviewed 3 July 2014NEW
Good menu selection went there for breakfast to try it out. Can't say it will be my choice as a regular spot for breakfast. The food was ok but nothing great to make me want to return for. Average is what I would best describe it at. I noticed the joint was fairly full and the rush for getting food out may have had something to do with it. Possibly lunch or dinner offers better rewards, sadly I will not go back to check this out.
  • Visited June 2014
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Vancouver, BC
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26 helpful votes 26 helpful votes
3 of 5 starsReviewed 4 March 2014
We have been a few times to the restaurant. Brunch is better than their dinners. The service is hit and miss.
They do have a friendly atmosphere... seems like they have many 'regulars'.
They have a back room for music and gatherings. We like that they have booth seating.
I think it could be a great restaurant. They just need to up their service, match the prices to their entrees better, improve some of their menu items...etc...
  • Visited February 2014
    • 2 of 5 starsValue
    • 4 of 5 starsAtmosphere
    • 3 of 5 starsService
    • 3 of 5 starsFood
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Canada

July 1st hours 

9am -9pm